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Pre-Season Ball Maintenance

Pre-Season Ball Maintenance

Fall leagues are just a short time away, and while some of us pick up the ball throughout the summer and play a few games here and there, there’s just as many who haven’t seen their bowling ball since April.  No matter which category you fall in, August makes for a great time to see your local pro shop professional and get your equipment tuned up for the league season.

Coverstock management is very important, and has a critical influence on your results.  Sure, it seems like a simple topic and makes sense to everyone.  But the most accomplished bowlers out there know that a fresh surface really can mean the difference in one extra hit per game.  So what is it you should be doing before your leagues hit the floor?

Step 1: Have your equipment evaluated by a professional.  If you’re in my market, stop by Seliga's Pro Shop and let us take a look at your equipment. We will be able to tell you the best course of action to get your stuff up to snuff for the beginning of league.

You’re likely to get a recommendation somewhere between a good cleaning, oil removal or maybe even a full resurface, depending on the condition of your equipment. This is necessary to get a fresh cut surface contacting the lane surface.  That’s absolutely key in creating not only good ball reaction, but consistent reaction as well. It’s worth the investment to keep your favorite ball in play for years to come.

Step 2: Purchase the right items to maintain your products throughout the season.  Bowling ball maintenance doesn’t stop at that preseason visit.  In fact, the best way to lengthen the amount of time you need between those more expensive services is to maintain your bowling balls on a weekly basis. The proper maintenance would be for you to clean your ball off AFTER you finish bowling every week.  I know, it seems so much easier to just do it next week before bowling.  But you’ve already given the oil and contaminates a full week to absorb in to your coverstock. It’s really far better to treat your equipment after you finish bowling.

I highly recommend a few different products that I have experience with.  If you’re looking for a cleaner for a dull or sanded finish ball, I recommend Storm Reacta Skuff or Motiv Gel Scuff.  They have a good deep cleaning formula with small grit particles in them that leave the ball in a dull state with no film.  For shiny coverstock balls, I like Storm Reacta Foam, Storm Reacta Clean or Motiv Gel Clean. All of these leave a very good tacky feel to the cover.  All of these products can be purchased at Seliga's Pro Shop.

Just as important when cleaning your bowling ball is to do it with a good quality microfiber towel.  These are quite popular in bowling now and also are available at Seliga's Pro Shop. They do a far better job cleaning the ball than a standard woven towel.

Following these simple steps for an easy way to improve your scores this season!


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